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Buy Limited Edition Prints (flat or framed, see below) of the wonderful artwork created by Y.'VetteB now!

Flat Prints Only (On Sale)

Eye unto their captive souls Part 1 – 5 prints

Haute Lady in Red – 7 prints

Lotus Flower – 4 prints

That Diva Can Sang – 7 prints

The Lady and Her Pearls – 7 prints

Framed Prints

Boss Cat - 1

Eye Unto their Captive Souls #1 – 1

Haute Lady in Red - 1

Lotus Flower – 1, plus 1 small one

That Diva Can Sang – 1

Framed Originals

Boss Cat

Cloud Art

Earth’s Bloom

Eye Into their Captive Souls Part 2

Hashtag DNA

Haute Lady in Red


Key My Mosaic Heart

Mae Liza

My Lotus Flower


That Diva Can Sang

The Guardian

The Lady and Her Pearls

The Owl

If you require additional information, please fill out the form below and send a message.  


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"Eye into their captive souls" - June, 2014

"That Diva Can Sang" - November 2014

"My Lotus Flower" - October, 2014

Contact Information

Y.'Vette Music & Art

Phone: 281-948-9364



23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd, Ste H 120-135

Katy, TX 77494

Facebook\Y.'Vette Music & Art

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