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My goal is to inspire you through the beauty of art and music. As a small child it became apparent that I had a very unique artistic bent that if nurtured could blossom into something very special…like a metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Through Y.'Vette Music & Art, my hope is to morph myself into the artist that God has called me to be, and while doing so be an inspiration to others through my work. May the Spirit of Art and Music, initiated from above, guide you into all peace and fulfillment and truth.


Thank you for visiting my website! Enjoy the presentation below to see a synopsis of my art and the reason behind the painting. Listen to Elicia Brown's new hit single "Go to War".  

Key My Mosaic Heart

Colorful, Magical, the key to my heart.

Tree Art

That tree is adorned.

The Guardian

A Vision of the Heavenly

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